The Division is a Massive Game with Lots of Potential

This March, Ubisoft will be releasing Tom Clancy’s The Division, a brand new title in a semi-popular series. While other Tom Clancy games (aside from Rainbow Six Siege) operate as traditional shooters, The Div is a much more interesting and bigger game. This third-person shooter features a massive playing area that’s set in the city streets of Manhattan after the world has all but collapsed.

There are tons of missions that players can take on either as a solo agent or with a squad. Missions provide players with a number of different tasks to complete. You’ll often find yourself setting out to eliminate a group of hostiles, but you’ll also have side objectives along the way. Mission difficulties vary as well. You’ll encounter both weak and strong enemies along the way.

The campaign and missions are just the beginning, though. Fighting AI isn’t the only thing you can do. There’s also a large and highly addictive player-verus-player mode. This part of the game is referred to as the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is a massive space that players can explore at their own risk. In this area players can engage in combat with more powerful AI enemies or fight against each other, agent vs agent.

Within the Dark Zone players will need to keep their wits about them and come prepared. If you can, you should always avoid dying. Death means you can potentially lose the items you’ve collected while traversing through the Dark Zone. Enemy agents are able to ransack your corpse for any loot if they manage to take you down while you’re making your way through the DZ. In addition to that, your Dark Zone level will also go down if you die. A high level means a greater chance at finding some really great gear in loot chests. Die and you’ll lose rank, items, and your pride. The Division strategy guide.

Will The Division go on to be a successful franchise? Who knows. A lot of big games have been released within the past year that The Division will be competing with. Destiny, being a huge title and another MMO-shooter, is what a lot of people are comparing this game to.

The Division will be supported with a few major expansions and additional, smaller updates throughout the year. It sounds like a lot for the developers to keep up with, but if they do, they’ll likely have a big advantage over Destiny. Many gamers have been frustrated with Destiny, the other big MMO shooter, because of a lack of content.

Many believe that if Ubisoft can really keep up their content release schedule that Tom Clancy’s The Division could become one of the biggest game franchises ever. Plenty of gamers are already stoked to play this game upon release. The closed beta concluded this past week, but an open beta will be available for The Division very soon. The Division weapons.

The Division will be releasing on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8th.